Poker is among the more profitable games that beginners can play to win in an online casino. Before trying it out, you should know that the game has more than one variant. Here is a list of some of the best online poker variants players enjoy at Casino Woo.

Texas Hold’em

Virtually everyone who plays poker has had some experience with Texas Hold’em: it’s that popular. This variant is traceable back to the 20th century; the advent of online casinos only popularized it. Thanks to its popularity, the availability of several learning resources makes it the simplest variant of poker to learn.

The downsides of the game are also a result of its massive popularity. Since virtually everyone knows how to play, you’ll have to do significantly more work to become professional. You should consider another variant if you intend to earn consistently with online poker.

Seven-Card Stud

Seven-Card Stud

Seven-card stud is another poker variant that has seen massive popularity growth since online casinos came around. It’s still played widely in homes across the US, but it has largely disappeared from physical casinos.

In the seven-card stud game, you have two upward-facing cards and one downward-facing card before the initial round. After several rounds, the best five-card poker hand will emerge as the winner. There are many other rules that you need to learn before playing competitively.

Learning the seven-card stud might be one of the most rewarding moves in poker. Knowledge of any stud poker game makes it easier to learn to play others, and this specific variant is excellent for beginners.

Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker

Even if you have some experience with poker, there’s still some learning curve to Chinese poker. It’s very different from the poker you may be used to because it uses different rules. The game requires four players to start, and each player gets 13 cards arranged into three poker hands.

After arranging the poker hands, each player scores them against the hands of other players. If any of the hands of a player wins against an opposing player, they score a point. The points system is undoubtedly confusing, but most players get used to it quickly.


HORSE is an acronym for five different poker games typically played together in higher-stakes games. The reason for its growing popularity is to prevent experts in a single poker game from dominating all the time. It takes more time to become an expert in five poker games, essentially leveling the playing field.

HORSE is predictably not easy to learn at all. You must be proficient in Omaha, Hold’em, and Stud, to compete favorably with other experienced players. Also, it’s not as popular as most other entries on this list for the same reason. If eliminating single-game specialists is the goal, it is undoubtedly the best poker variant.