Hello, player, and welcome to our review of the excellent and exciting slot game that is worth playing! CSI is a legendary American TV series, whose plot is built around the work of the US Investigative Service. Murder, theft, terrorism and much more: these people will find the cause of everything and save innocent citizens! The series “CSI: Crime Scene” lasted 15 seasons, and there were three spin-offs based on it. This free online slots game uses the cast of recent seasons, starring Ted Danson. Even if you haven’t watched the TV series, you’ll still be interested to get a feel for the role of a cop. Plus, the has plenty of exciting tokens and a real chance to become the owner of a solid win.

Review and Experience

CSI Crime Scene Investigation

CSI Internet is created by IGT, whose developers are fans of the TV series. Anyway, they tried to create one that pleases our eyes not only visually, but also by the bright features and chips. The machine consists of blocks of five reels, each of which is studded with themed symbols. The number of lines here is standard, i.e. twenty pieces. Thanks to numerous bonus rounds and an interesting special structure, the slot machine is no less exciting than the movie. That’s why you should try it out! Play in practice mode or enjoy winning real money!

Game Features and Bonuses

There are twelve different characters in total in this one from the Internet. Half consist of the most famous characters that real CSI fans already know from the series. A special symbol in the game is the wild. Start Crime Scene and you will find yourself in the middle of a gruesome murder investigation. By choosing clues and case evidence, you can collect winnings, as each one is a multiplier. If you’re lucky enough to unlock the Crime Lab bonus, you’ll enter the Crime Lab and, at the same time, receive some free spins. Trace Evidence is another bonus where the player has to scour the crime trails to collect credits and possibly compete for the main jackpot prize. You can try to win some cash or play without it for fun.



To sum it all up, CSI online slots effectively combines several elements of the hit TV series into reels based on the hit TV series. The player will be rewarded by a fun adventure and an engaging gaming experience to solve the case. Fans will enjoy the gaming experience offered by this one. However, it is not limited to the most ardent fans of the show. This game is open to everyone at all skill levels using mobile slot machines. Dividend spending can be earned slowly, but either way, no crime is that easy to solve. Play the demo or start playing for real money!