Types of bets you can place on the UFC 22 betting apps

  • January 4, 2022

In a relatively short period of time, the UFC has become the most popular combat sport on the planet. Mixed martial arts has clearly surpassed boxing in that regard in recent years. As boxing continues to fall in popularity, the UFC only seems to be steadily heading in the opposite direction. With sports betting on the rise and mobile technology has completely revolutionised the way people bet on sports, any sports betting site that hasn’t already developed its own mobile app for UFC betting is behind the eight ball.

Finding the right mobile MMA betting apps are not as simple as searching “betting apps” in your phone’s and downloading the first app that comes up. It will be worth doing a bit of research before deciding which one to use. What should you look for in a UFC mobile betting app?

UFC Moneyline Betting


The most common way to bet real money on UFC fights is to bet on the odds of winning on any of the Moneyline fighters. This is a bet placed on any fighter to win the match by any method. Everyone chooses which fighter will win, so why not put your money where your mouth is? You can also combine several different moneyline bets into one potentially lucrative parlay.

In a fight that odds makers expect to be quite lopsided, one fighter will be listed at negative moneyline odds, while his opponent will have positive money value. Obviously, there is more profit potential in betting on the underdog, but that bet also has a much worse chance of actually making money.

For example, the moneyline odds for a potential clash between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje would be listed as follows:

Total Rounds Up / Down

If you’ve bet on sports like football or basketball before, you’re certainly familiar with the over/under. If oddsmakers think a fight will be evenly-matched, the over/under on the number of rounds will be greater. If oddsmakers expect a quick result, you will see a significantly lower over/under result.

UFC Prop Bets

UFC Vegas

Prop bets have become famous for the Super Bowl, but there are also a variety of props for every MMA fight. Some oddsmakers will place bets on a fighter’s method of victory, whether it’s a finish, technical knockout or knockout. Many UFC betting sites will also take bets on which specific round will be the last in a given fight.

If you think Khabib will beat Gaethje in the third round by TKO using our hypothetical mentioned, you can bet on exactly that.

Future Bets

A | || 462 futures bet is essentially just a moneyline bet on something that will happen in the future. Oddsmakers usually place odds on fights months in advance, which gives you enough time to do any necessary research before placing your bet. Some UFC betting apps even accept bets on possible match-ups that have yet to be officially announced. There’s a lot of exaggeration factor in the UFC, and the betting sites are smart enough to take advantage of that.